A lot of ‘about’ pages talk about the author in the third person, but it’s almost definitely written by the author himself/herself, so, here I go:

I’m a musician to the core. I’ve played guitar since 2000, and it’s what I love to do most as I find it most creatively expressive. That, or I’m best at expressing myself creatively using guitars. Probably that one. I also play drums, keys, and bass, and sing when I need to, and one time I tried to play the trombone in band class. It didn’t go very well.

Trawling through the mess of early adulthood, trying to catch something I could call a career, I’ve found myself at studying at Berklee College of Music and travelling around the world (see my other blog). Now, I’m studying at the Canadian School of Lutherie while earning dollar signs by working in the soul-sucking service industry. My other hobbies include napping, resting, laying down, and dozing.

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