Chapter Six – Appeal

This one will be short and sweet. …actually, as I write this I’m rewatching season one of True Detective and this post might not be so sweet. In all honesty, it could take a dark turn. This show is so good. What happened with season two? What a letdown. I digress, I suppose. If you want my opinions on that just send me a message or something. I’ll talk True Detective ’til the cows come home. As for the title, it’s a stretch, but like, sex appeal? Six appeal? I dunno. I tried. Whatever, I’m building guitars, not a script. Oh no, I’m angry already. THIS SHOW IS SO POWERFUL.

As things were starting this week, I had a top, a back, and bent-up sides. Now, it was time to put them together. To start that process, I had to shave down the braces on the top and back so that they were a uniform height. That would allow me to cut channels into the sides so that I could glue everything together and have it fit together cleanly and securely. Using a chisel, I set to work at this, and this is where you really find out how important it is to have quality, well-maintained tools. Working with dull tools saves you five minutes of sharpening; but five minutes of sharpening will save you 10 minutes of work time, as well as a lot of fatigue. I’m so lucky to have a well-equipped shop at CSL, and I sort of dread the day, should it come, when I set up my own shop knowing how necessary it is not to cheap out on these kinds of things.

After getting everything neat and tidy, I copied, very precisely, the lines made by my braces so I could channel them out in my sides. From there, it was into the go bar deck for gluing! Here’s a big photo dump demonstrating how that all went down:


Go bars!


The back is glued – now time for the top


More go bars!

Because of how deep my body is (i.e. much deeper than typical), getting these go bars on was pretty tough, especially at the lower bout. Luckily, I had another set of hands working with me and it was a snap. …and maybe one or two of the go bars snapped. But that sorta comes with the territory. Anyway, it all worked out. Once it was glued, I had a guitar body-shaped thing, but it had overhang from the excess I left when I roughcut the body shape into the back and sides. With that, I used a router mounted upside down to a special table to take that excess off. Once that was done…



I cannot tell you how satisfying it was to see this come together. For as long as I’ve been working on it, my guitar has just been pieces of wood in different shapes. Now, I have a guitar! …well, a guitar body. The neck is coming, as are the finishing touches on the body (the binding, the bridge, etc.).

For now, you’ll just have to sit tight until next week!


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